About Cason

Meet Cason Hicks, a talented individual who weaves together his passions for leatherworking, artisan knifemaking, and livestreaming. While leatherworking and knifemaking may be a beloved hobby rather than a full-time business for Cason, his dedication and skill are evident in every piece he creates.

In his small workshop in Texas, he channels his passion for functional design and meticulous craftsmanship. His love for his family and the support they provide fuel his creativity and drive for excellence in his leatherworking and knifemaking endeavors. Each leather piece is meticulously hand-sewn, and every knife is crafted by hand. The finished product showcases his attention to detail and commitment to creating lasting, functional works of art.

His passion for leatherworking and knifemaking intersect with his father’s love for woodworking. Browse his collection, witness the artistry in his handmade leather goods and custom-built knives, and embark on a journey of functional beauty crafted with love and dedication.